New York Mets R.A. Dickey Will Be Dealt at the Winter Meetings

By Craig Moir
Anthony Gruppuso-US Presswire

All the talk coming from the New York Mets now that David Wright is signed is whether or not to trade R.A. Dickey, or try and retain his services for the next three or four years.  As the MLB Winter Meetings 2012 have gotten underway, there are several teams, such as the Kansas City Royals and Texas Rangers that have shown more than mild interest in the 38 year old knuckleballer.

While Andy Martino of the New York Post has stated that Sandy Alderson has been “underwhelmed” by the offers for Dickey, I believe the Mets know that it is now or never to move their ace.  The Mets have two options to bring back talent through a trade.  That would be giving up Dickey, or left-hander Jonathan Niese, in order to acquire an outfielder and/or a catcher that is major league ready and can contribute with power.

The Mets would be wiser to stick with Niese at his age and being a southpaw, rather than go forward with Dickey, although he is the fans’ favorite at this juncture.  The talent level in the free agent pool is not substantial in the Mets price range, although Alderson continues to state the contrary.  All the Mets need to do is bring in two viable outfielders and re-sign Kelly Shoppach, and they would be incrementally better than 2012.

That may not translate into 85 wins, but it would definitely set them in the right direction for 2014 and beyond, which should be their goal as more money would then be available when Johan Santana and Jason Bay are off the books.  That is when Alderson can begin to create a team from scratch and hopefully be able to make a difference in the front office to the field.

Remember Mets fans, starting pitching is not a need at this point.  We must be willing to at least try to set the team up for the future, and these Winter Meetings will go a long way in understanding just how good a GM Alderson can really be for this struggling franchise.  The one thing he does need is flexibility, and I believe that by being able to deal Dickey, that flexibility will come sooner rather than later.  Agree or disagree, you can always leave your comments below.


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