The Chicago Cubs Should Land Mark Reynolds

By gilgerard
Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Cubs have so much to do that it’s hard to state where they should begin. I want everything under the sun for this team while rebuilding the system at the same time. What can I say? I’m greedy. With that being said, the Cubs need young pitching and a third basemen. Anyone who thinks Josh Vitters/Luis Valbuena/Ian Stewart can handle the job is ridiculous and I’m tired of 100 loss seasons. That should not be acceptable and ways to improve this team should be taken seriously.

With that being said, the Cubs seem to be going in the direction of high reward/low risk kind of players. So why not Mark Reynolds? Yeah, he strikes out a ton. However, a one-year deal for a few million shouldn’t be a big deal when they get a guy that could hit 30 plus homers at Wrigley Field. So again I ask, why not? This team has nothing to lose with a sign like this and everything to gain. Who knows what can happen when you build a roster full of guys who are hungry at rebounding and proving they can still play.

This could end up being a steal and it’s important that the Cubs continue to focus on moves like this if they aren’t going after Josh Hamilton and the rest of the big name free agents.

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