Winter Meetings 2012: Detroit Tigers Negotiating With Anibal Sanchez?

By gilgerard
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

According to several news outlets and sources, the Detroit Tigers are rumored to be in contract talks with the RHP they traded for last year, Anibal Sanchez. What we’ve heard is that Sanchez is looking for a five year deal worth close to $65 million dollars, and the Tigers don’t seem to be willing to go that high. Buster Olney of ESPN has reported the Tigers were rumored to be offering 4 years for 48 million dollars but that number isn’t accurate either.

Well, it’s the Winter Meetings. Teams are going to talk to everyone available, so it’s not surprise a ton of different reports are surfacing. Just how much validity should be given to each report, however, has yet to be determined.

The Tigers definitely need to lock Sanchez down, as it’s not going to be a real strong buyers market this winter when it comes to pitching. The trade market could be a little dry for them as well as the best trade piece they have is Nick Castellanos, but I’d be shocked if they part with him. Because of the lack of pitching depth on the free agent market, the move to sign Sanchez is a smart one for the  Tigers.

We’ll continue to update everyone on this developing story, as well as the rest of the winter meetings, taking place in Nashville. Keep an eye out for more breaking news from the MLB in Nashville, as there are sure to be more developments as the meetings wear on.

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