Winter Meetings 2012: If Josh Hamilton Leaves Texas, Could the Rangers Be Interested In Nick Swisher?

By gilgerard
The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

With all the talk about Josh Hamilton wanting the world when it comes to his next contract, the Texas Rangers have been reluctant to give Hamilton anything close to what he’s seeking, due to his well known issues. With that being said, if Hamilton DOES leave the Rangers, they could seek Nick Swisher as his cheaper replacement.

Swisher was brutal for the Chicago White Sox a few years back and they dumped him pre-maturely. The New York Yankees capitalized on the situation  and he was outstanding in pin stripes. Due to those big years, Swisher is going to get himself one heck of a deal this winter and I certainly can see the Rangers giving it to him.

Swisher can hit, is going to come much cheaper than a ton of options on the market already and he should be able to produce fairly well in Texas (if they go that route of course). There are likely to be multiple suitors for Swisher’s services, so it will come down to where he wants to play and the terms of the contract.

The question is going to be: will Swisher get scooped up by another team before Texas can make their move? I doubt it as I assume a guy like that is going to let Hamilton set the market, but you never know who  will over pay for someone.

We’ll continue to update you on Nick Swisher and where he’ll end up- as well as the rest of the happenings of the 2012 Winter Meetings.

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