Winter Meetings 2012: Toronto Blue Jays Emerge as a RA Dickey Suitor

By Bryan Lutz
Anthony Gruppuso – US Presswire

The 2012 Winter Meetings have gotten off to a explosive start, but the MLB rumors surrounding RA Dickey and a potential trade is making them even more interesting. Earlier this week, we heard rumblings about the Texas Rangers having some interest in their former pitcher. Today, however, we have another team to add to the list of Dickey suitors – – the Toronto Blue Jays.

The reason why the Blue Jays are deemed a serious contender for the veteran knuckleballer is due to the Mets’ desperate need for a young catcher. The Mets seemingly have been linked to every young, decent catcher this winter, so it makes sense that they would be interested in the Toronto’s starting catcher JP Arencibia. Toronto would have absolutely zero issues trading Arencibia considering they have John Buck and uber-prospect, Travis D’Arnaud, waiting in the wings.

If this rumor is true, I like the deal for both sides, depending on who else is included in the package. The Toronto Blue Jays improve a team that will win the American League East in 2013, while the Mets get some pieces that will help them in the future. Dickey is 38 years old, so I don’t really understand why the Mets should keep him around. This would be a classic example of selling high.

Dickey has been very solid for the past three seasons, so one could expect that success to continue. A rotation of Johnson-Dickey-Morrow-Romero-Buerhle would be downright nasty.

If this trade happens, print those 2013 AL East Champion shirts, Toronto!

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