Winter Meetings 2012: Washington Nationals Are Making a Mistake Shopping Michael Morse

By Bryan Lutz
Scott Rovak – US PRESSWIRE

No matter what happens during the 2012 Winter Meetings, I will have the Washington Nationals as baseball’s best team going into the 2013 season. One would assume the Nationals will make a big splash, either in free agency or via trade. However, there is one rumor going around that I am not too fond of. That rumor is the Nationals willingness to trade Michael Morse.

First off, the Nationals need to get over Adam LaRoche. Count your blessings that LaRoche had a good season last year and move on without him. GMs need to look at player’s value in the future, not based on what they did last season. I feel a lot of GMs fall guilty of this, especially Mike Rizzo if he thinks LaRoche is going to have another season where he slugs over .500. This is what brings me to Morse, a player the Nationals should have no business shopping right now.

If the Nationals are using Morse in an effort to get James Shields from the Tampa Bay Rays, then maybe I can understand it a little more. But Morse is a player – when healthy – who is capable of consistently hitting 30+ home runs and drive in 100+ runs.

Morse isn’t there to take a walk or field a ball, but he would be the perfect 5th or 6th hitting in that stellar Nationals lineup. There’s no need to shop a talented hitter like Morse when you have a system full of prospects at your disposal, Mike.

Be smart and keep Michael Morse. Another NL East division title is all but guaranteed.

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