Winter Meetings 2012: What The Chicago White Sox Are Looking For

By Evan Crum
Tim Heitman-US Presswire

Even though in Chicago it’s near 70 degrees on Dec. 3, it still is winter. We know what that means in baseball–it’s time for the winter meetings in Nashville. The winter meetings mean a lot of rumors, trades, free agent signings and everything else a baseball fan can ask for. Let’s take a look at the Chicago White Sox during the winter meetings.

The White Sox are aggressively looking at someone at third base. Ideally the White Sox want to resign Kevin Youkilis. However, there are two other teams that are currently pursuing Youkilis, the Philadelphia Phillies and the Cleveland Indians.

Youkilis isn’t close to making a decision, according to his agent Joe Bick, who said “all options are open.” The Phillies and White Sox want Youkilis to continue to play third base. The Indians are proposing something different. According to reports, while the Indians would like Youkilis to play third base, they are open to him playing first.

It also seems like Youkilis is open to playing first base as well. “He doesn’t care where he plays, and he can play both well. Again, it’s a matter of keeping all the options open and looking at all the opportunities,” Bick said.

If the White Sox don’t resign Youkilis, there are other options at third base. I addressed that in a previous article, which you can find here. Yet there are other names that have come up, including Mark Reynolds.

I don’t think the White Sox should sign Reynolds. While Reynolds does put up power numbers, he also strikes out a lot. The White Sox already have a player that strikes out a lot and that is Adam Dunn. I don’t think the White Sox could afford to have two hitters strike out over 100 times in a season.

There is another name that the White Sox are looking into and that is Eric Chavez. In my article looking at options at third base for the White Sox, I had Chavez on the list. Chavez may be even more intriguing for the White Sox if they don’t sign A.J. Pierzynski. The White Sox would need a left handed bat and Chavez would fit that role nicely.

The market for third base and catcher should start to level off with the winter meetings. Russell Martin signing with the Pittsburgh Pirates and Mike Napoli signing with the Boston Red Sox have already set the market for catchers.  It should be interesting to see what Pierzynski is now wanting in terms of numbers and a contract.

The White Sox might not do anything in the winter meetings. General Manager Rick Hahn has indicated that he doesn’t need to make a huge signing during the winter meetings and he might be content on laying low. I do think that Gavin Floyd’s name will come up quite a bit during the week as a trade possibility.

The winter meetings always are at the very least entertaining, even if the White Sox don’t do anything. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

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