MLB Rumors: Kevin Youkilis Entertaining an Offer to Join the New York Yankees

By Scott DelleFave
Youkilis, Kevin 1
Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

NESN is reporting that free agent third baseman Kevin Youkilis is in contract talks to join the New York Yankees for one season while Alex Rodriguez  is on the mend from yet another hip surgery.

The recovery time for Rodriguez is between four and six months so best case, he comes back in May ,worst case he comes in July as he’s not slated to have the surgery until sometime in January. Signing Youkilis would surely sour the milk more so for Boston Red Sox as I know firsthand they were extremely livid when Johnny Damon left town for the “Evil Empire.” Damon had names such as Judas thrown his way after appearing clean shaven with a short haircut in a Yankees uniform.

And that was Damon, but Youkilis was Mister Red Sox in recent years until he was traded midseason to the Chicago White Sox after butting heads with then-manager Bobby Valentine. That was the beginning of the now infamous Red Sox fire sale of 2012. I mean sure, Youkilis only batted .235 for the White Sox after being traded and didn’t have his 2013 option renewed, but for at least a few months this could be a nice parking space for him, but this is just my take. What do you all think? Let me know!

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