MLB Rumors: Are Chicago White Sox a Dark Horse Contender For Kyle Lohse?

By gilgerard
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

According to several sources, the Chicago White Sox are looking at ways to deal Gavin Floyd and add a big time starting pitcher. I believe that pitcher would end up being Kyle Lohse and that would be a stunning move as the White Sox weren’t believed to be in the market for a starter at all this winter.

The White Sox have always been a really under the radar team that strikes when no one is looking, so this wouldn’t shock me at all. They could be waiting to see where someone like Brandon McCarthy signs, as they then could focus on dealing Floyd for a few mid level prospects to the teams that missed out on McCarthy which would allow them to make a run at a guy like Lohse. I don’t think they’d go after Anibal Sanchez with his injury history, and they aren’t in on Zack Greinke which makes Lohse the obvious candidate if this is indeed happening.

I do want to state that this is nothing more than speculation. Rumblings are one thing, and it’s the winter meetings so things are going to fly around, but this could certainly make sense.

I’ve never been a fan of Floyd, and he’s always talked about during this time of the year. He’s just too inconsistent in everything he’s done to really build the rotation around him, and I think the Sox are fed up with it. I’m not a huge Lohse fan either, but he’s going to be a strong innings eater for wherever he goes.

We’ll see what happens, but the White Sox could be shooting to pull off a major robbery right now.

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