Will the Chicago Cubs Eventually Move Anthony Rizzo to the Outfield?

By gilgerard
Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Cubs traded for Anthony Rizzo last year, striking gold and adding the first basemen of the present and the future. Rizzo backed up the faith of Cubs management with a really nice rookie campaign offensively and defensively. With that being said, there’s a first basemen in the Cubs system that COULD force the Cubs to move Anthony Rizzo to the outfield.  That first basemen is Dan Vogelbach.

Vogelbach is a young first basemen taken in the 2nd round of the 2011 draft. He’s got “light tower power” and is continuously making hard contact. As he develops, I expect him to learn to hit the ball to left field more consistently, but I’m excited to see what this kid is going to do over the next couple of minor league seasons. If all works out well, Vogelbach could be at Wrigley Field at some point in 2014.

So, why can’t the Cubs move Vogelbach to the outfield? Well, if you don’t know much about this kid, he’s a big body kid and likely will not have the quickness to play the outfield. He reminds me of Prince Fielder from a body standpoint and even though he’s on the “heavy side”, Vogelbach is still considered a very good athlete for someone his size. The Cubs are continuously working on his conditioning, but the one thing the Cubs want to be careful of is stripping this young kid of his power.

If Vogelbach develops a little bit like Prince Fielder, the Cubs are going to be in great shape. Possessing an outfield of (hopefully) Albert Almora, Jorge Soler, and Anthony Rizzo? Makes me at least a little excited about the Cubs future. Even though I think the Cubs are taking major risks by putting all their eggs in the prospect basket, if Dan Vogelbach can develop into what he can be offensively- the Cubs are going to be in good shape.

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