Winter Meetings 2012: Atlanta Braves Keep Quiet for Now

By David Miller
Emilio Bonifacio Atlanta Braves
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

As day two came to a close in the MLB Winter Meetings in Nashville, TN, the Atlanta Braves remain mostly silent. The buzz coming in about Shane Victorino went by the wayside as he quickly rose out of the price range they were willing to offer. The trade that the fans want that would bring newly signed B.J. Upton’s brother Justin Upton to Atlanta seems to be wanted by the fans only. However, there are a few little rumors buzzing around about the Braves.

General Manager Frank Wren apparently is still open to at least entertaining trade options to fill his last outfield spot and hopefully solidify the lead-off position in the order. As reported earlier they seem to lean towards the farm system to fill the roles in need, but that isn’t a done deal yet.

The Toronto Blue Jays recently acquired outfielder Emilio Bonifacio can play left field and lead off as a switch hitter. Nothing is set in stone as far as the Blue Jays intentions but it is at least something that is out there as a trade option. For Braves fans meanwhile it probably feels good to know that their GM is still at least listening and watching.

There are wide ranging possibilities that go from trading for a starting left fielder and lead-off guy to looking on the farm and everything in between. It’s possible that they will only use the Winter Meetings to fill support and bench roles as well. Either way as day three starts the Braves still have a glove on the ground in the outfield and an empty slot in the batting order. Whether it is filled or not on day three, its clear that Wren and the Braves made more noise before the famous meetings than they are willing to make during them. As long as it leads to a winning team, I’m sure the fans are fine with that.

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