Winter Meetings 2012: Chicago Cubs Not Out of Michael Bourn Race

By gilgerard
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Just as I thought the Chicago Cubs were going to go home empty handed from the 2012 winter meetings, sources are telling us that the Cubs are still involved in chasing free agent outfielder Michael Bourn. It appears their still doing their homework on Bourn, making sure he’s healthy, fits into the long term plans, as well as seeing what the market plays out in terms of a multi-year deal for him.

I’m not 100% sure how I feel about this because I don’t view Bourn as the answer to anything. This guy is a speed guy that plays a good outfielder, but is he someone that’s going to put the Cubs over the top?

No, I don’t think he is. Even though the Cubs need a consistent leadoff hitter, Bourn could be getting a contract in the $100 million range and I don’t believe he’s worth anything close to that. If the Cubs were going to be spending that kind of money, I’d prefer they go all in with Josh Hamilton, as I believe a slugging outfielder is going to make more sense than a speedy one at this point. Heck, I’d rather see them spend a ton of money on an ace and/or third basemen more than an outfielder.

My biggest concern on Bourn is what kind of player will he be in five years when his legs are going? If you take away the one thing that makes him successful at the big league level, wouldn’t that be a ridiculous risk for a franchise determined to build up through their farm system?

Throw in the fact the Cubs have several good young outfielder prospects as well as the contract of Alfonso Soriano for a few more years, so I just don’t see how Bourn will fit in.

Either way, I appreciate the Cubs appearing to make an effort here. They should be kicking the tires on every free agent possible after coming off a 100-loss season.

We’ll see what happens and we’ll continue to update you on this story.

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