Winter Meetings 2012: Kansas City Royals Are Wisely Pursuing Anibal Sanchez

By Bryan Lutz
Rick Osentoski – US PRESSWIRE

Contrary to popular belief, the Kansas City Royals really aren’t that far away from consistently being a competitive team. They have a decent lineup and an electric bullpen, but they lack starting pitching. They have already made a couple moves to stabilize their rotation, by trading for Ervin Santana and re-signing Jeremy Guthrie. But they still lack that true no. 1 starter, which is why there are some MLB rumors from the 2012 Winter Meetings that they are going all-out for Anibal Sanchez.

Although Sanchez is seeking a huge payday, it’s highly unlikely he will get the six-year, $90+ million he is targeting. And if that is his price, you can forget about the Royals. The good news for the Royals, however, is Sanchez will likely have to settle for a four-year deal, which the Royals can probably afford.

If I had to guess on the contract Sanchez would get, I would say a four-year, $60 million deal isn’t out of the question, especially in this open market. Sanchez really made a name for himself this season after he was traded to the Detroit Tigers, yet he seems to be the forgotten one of this year’s free agent class.

The losing seasons in Kansas City are close to ending, but they need that frontline starter they haven’t had since they traded away Zack Greinke. While Sanchez might not be an ace by its true definition, he’s definitely a pitcher who can anchor a rotation, seeing as he has three straight seasons of throwing over 195 innings.

After all, there aren’t a whole lot of pitchers who averaged a 4.0 fWAR over the past three seasons.

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