Could Bill Murray Be Next Commissioner of Major League Baseball?

By Andy Schmidt
Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

As the Major League Baseball Winter Meetings wind down today in Nashville, I started thinking about some things with baseball that could use a tweak or two. We all know that commissioner Bud Selig is retiring in the coming years, and that means baseball will need to find a replacement for him. I know I’m thinking way outside the box with this, but why not longtime baseball fan Bill Murray?

We all know Murray’s love for the Chicago Cubs and I’m sure he would take the job if he could ensure that his Cubs will finally win a World Series, but the time has come to not have a former owner in charge of the whole game. It is time to have someone who hasn’t been involved in the day-to-day operations of things to have a chance at this. There are others who are going to say that a better choice would be someone like Bob Costas. I would really like to see a broadcaster in there as long as they were a national figure and not one of the local announcers.

The only other national figure that would make sure to me would be Vin Scully. However, he is up in years and even older than Selig so that wouldn’t work. I said why not Murray. He could make the changes to the game that are truly necessary, like expanded instant replay and a salary cap and floor that would stop teams from spending $200 million a season, or having the chance to just tear your team apart whenever they wanted to save money.

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