Is It Any Shock That Sandy Alderson Accomplished Nothing at the Winter Meetings?

By Craig Moir
Brad Penner-US Presswire

Now that the 2012 Winter Meetings have wrapped up in Nashville, Tennessee, all New York Mets fans can sit back and count the blessings that GM Sandy Alderson has afforded them.  If you are a die hard Mets fan, you were probably done counting your blessings in 1986 when they last won a World Series.

So let’s go down the line and see just what Alderson accomplished all week in the “Music City.”  First of all, R.A. Dickey is still a Met, which could be a good thing.  He did not receive a contract extension and he was not traded, so for now, the knuckleballer remains a Metropolitan for 2013.  I am sure Alderson will keep pushing Dickey to take a less than fair deal, at which time, all Mets fans will be snake bit again when Dickey does not sign, refuses to negotiate through the season, then we watch him walk into free agency getting nothing more than a consolation prize in return.

Next up for the Mets was the search for a catcher to either replace Josh Thole or share the load behind the plate.  Alderson is again still looking for an answer.  Miguel Olivo’s name has been mulled around, but Alderson claims that he would be content with a platoon of Thole and Anthony Recker.  Reading between the lines: I have no idea what the heck I’m doing.

The Mets still have an outfield that consists of Kirk Nieuwenhuis in center, Lucas Duda in right and Jordanny Valdespin in left.  I understand that there is still hope for Scott Hairston to re-sign, but can we get a major league outfield over here?  So still no angels in our outfield to patrol the vast landscape of Citi Field.  Reading between the lines: I am happy  to move forward hoping someone emerges from our minor league system.

Finally, the bullpen remains filled with holes that may not be figured out until spring training in another two months.  All Mets fans can do is hope that Jeurys Familia and Jenrry Mejia will be able to close those holes and provide an inexpensive alternative in 2013.  Reading between the lines:  All we need to do is make it to 2014 when money i available and I can start over from scratch and hopefully get lucky that free agents want to play here.

There will be a lot of reading between the lines when it comes to the Mets in this off-season.  Alderson went to Nashville on the dollar of the Wilpons and accomplished absolutely nothing but try to muscle teams into overpaying for Dickey.  The Mets do not want to give Dickey a 3 year/$45M contract at his age, I get that.  But no other teams will be willing to take that chance either.  I have said for months that the best option would be to deal Dickey.  The issue is that Alderson wants too much.

The Mets are in dire need of two right hand hitting outfielder and at the very least another catcher other than Thole.  They could probably get by without more arms in the pen, but Alderson again came up empty.  It’s no shock to me that this turned into a wasted trip.  Is it really a shock to you?


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