MLB Rumors: Could Chicago Cubs Get Mark Reynolds?

By Andy Schmidt
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Wednesday saw the Chicago Cubs’ crosstown rival in the Chicago White Sox pick up a third-baseman in Jeff Keppinger. The time has come for the Cubs to make a move of their own at the hot corner with Mark Reynolds being a good place to start for the North Siders. It could help bring some more offense to a team that is going to be struggling to score again in 2013.

Reynolds is one of those strikeout-or-home-run guys like new Cubs assistant Rob Deer. Reynolds won’t give you much of an average, but he is bound to hit 35-40 home runs especially playing his games at Wrigley Field. It would be worth looking into even on a one-year deal just to bridge the gap until Josh Vitters gets his act together at the Triple-A level and can play on an everyday basis.

There is no harm in trying to see if this could work. The team isn’t getting any better anytime soon, or so it would appear, so why not give the fans something to be excited about every day? It would be just like the 1970s all over again when Dave Kingman would come to the plate. Kingman may have struck out a lot, but when he made contact it went a really long way. The Cubs fans that will fill Wrigley Field next summer deserve at least that. It’s going to be another long season and it is likely the Cubs will finish in last place in the new five-team National League Central, so get Reynolds and play long ball.

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