MLB Rumors: Who is Left at Third for New York Yankees?

By Christopher Gamble


Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Yankees have not had a very good time since arriving in Nashville for the MLB Winter Meetings. Brian Cashman announced Alex Rodriguez will need surgery on his hip and will miss a large majority of the first half of the year. The Yankees were outbid by the Pittsburgh Pirates for Russell Martin’s services. To top it all off, every free agent the Yankees have shown interest in has signed elsewhere.

Nate Schierholtz and Jeff Keppinger were high on the Yankees wish-list, but both bolted for the Windy City with Schierholtz signing with the Chicago Cubs and Keppinger signing with the Chicago White Sox. To add insult to injury, the Arizona Diamondbacks signed Eric Chavez away.

The Yankees are quickly running out of options to replace Rodriguez with Kevin Youkilis and Mark Reynolds being the best remaining third base options. The Yankees have had conversations with representatives for both free agents and have requested medicals on Youkilis, who may accept a one-year deal.

However, Youkilis is being pursued by the Cleveland Indians who will probably offer more money and a longer contract than the Yankees will.

If Reynolds finds work elsewhere, the Yankees could be left holding the bag and searching for help in the trade market where Jhonny Peralta might become available if the Detroit Tigers sign a shortstop like Stephen Drew, a player the Yankees checked in on briefly before finding out the interest wasn’t mutual because Drew is looking for a starting job and a contract longer than one year.

One thing is certain, the Yankees don’t have a replacement for Rodriguez in the minors unless they decide to move Eduardo Nunez away from shortstop but with Derek Jeter’s Opening Day status up in the air that might not be wise.

I also can’t see the Yankees settling for having Jayson Nix start at third base but then again, Cashman once said he was content going into a season with Bubba Crosby as his center fielder before scoring Johnny Damon. Right now, Yankees fans sit and wait for some positive news. Until then, all we have are MLB rumors.

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