Winter Meetings 2012: Will Four-Team Blockbuster Trade Happen With Justin Upton?

By Andy Schmidt
Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

The Major League Baseball Winter Meetings are coming to a close on Thursday in Nashville, but one major rumor continues to float out there with a four-team blockbuster trade still possible involving Justin Upton and some of the pitching from the Tampa Bay Rays. This is the greatest part of the meetings when teams look to make huge moves and involve several teams.

It is time for the Arizona Diamondbacks to trade Upton anyway and get some major value out of him. If the Diamondbacks really wanted to, they could just make it a three-way trade and involve the Cleveland Indians to get their star shortstop Asdrubal Cabrera. That would give Cabrera to Arizona, would move Upton to Cleveland, and have the Diamondbacks receive one of the pitchers from Tampa with the most likely pitcher being James Shields. The Indians would probably then trade Shin-Soo Choo to clear right field for Upton and get something else in return. There are a ton of moving parts here with a fourth team maybe involved in the Kansas City Royals or Seattle Mariners.

I just love to see all these possible trades getting talked about. It makes a baseball fan like myself giddy waiting for Opening Day to show up, which is only a few months away. I’m curious to see if this trade or any version of this trade gets completed in the coming days because Upton and the Diamondbacks won’t be existing anymore. The time has come for Arizona to pull the trigger on some sort of deal.

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