Philadelphia Phillies Acquire Ben Revere

By Riley Schmitt
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Phillies have been looking for a center fielder and they may have found one. It appears they have acquired Ben Revere from the Minnesota Twins.

This move does not surprise me one bit.  The Twins have been trying to gut the roster in order to add some pitching. Getting a guy like Vance Worley and a good prospect like Trevor May is a very good haul for him.  The Phillies may not want to dip into the free agent market for a CF, so Revere will do the job.

You know exactly what you are going to get with him.  He is not going to hit for power, but he will hit for average.  He is going to get on base and cause a lot of pitchers headaches.  He will play good defense and he’s not going to cost you many games.  He is not a world beater but he is a serviceable guy to throw out there.

This may not be the big money move that fans were looking for but it does make sense for Philly.  They probably did not give up much and they end up with a guy who adds speed to the lineup.  That is not exactly a bad thing.  Revere will be an annoyance to the opponents and that type of player endears himself to fans fairly quickly.

Smart move for both sides on this one.


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