Winter Meetings 2012: Mission Not Accomplished for Atlanta Braves

By David Miller
Reed Johnson Atlanta Braves
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The MLB Winter Meetings have drawn to a close. For a team that was rumored to be involved in quite a few potential deals, the Atlanta Braves wound up not doing much. The B.J. Upton deal was done before the meetings so that doesn’t count. Actually as far as on field talent the team was quiet this year. Really, that’s not too surprising if you think about it.

It seems like all throughout the famous streak of division title wins, they never made deals at the big news time like other teams did. Fred McGriff was one trade that was completed after the trade deadline for example. Whoever has been in the GM office for the Braves has made it a tradition to buck the system year after year. The 2012 Winter Meetings were certainly no different. They finished by signing Reed Johnson to a one-year deal to help thicken the bench but the outcome of the outfield vacancy remains uncertain.

So, sure their mission wasn’t accomplished. They aren’t finished though. The Braves never are finished when most teams are supposed to be. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if some newsworthy deal is completed in the middle of Spring Training. No matter who will fill the in question outfield spot for the Braves this year, we should have known that they weren’t going to join other teams in bidding wars. They almost never do. While the mission of completing the team isn’t finished, they will wind up with a good product on the field one way or another. The only question is will it be good enough to win.

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