Winter Meetings 2012: Ruben Amaro Further Cements His Status as a Horrible GM

By Bryan Lutz
Howard Smith – USA TODAY Sports

I am not denying the fact that Philadelphia Phillies are a good team, but their general manager, Ruben Amaro, is among the worst general managers in Major League Baseball. The acquisition of Ben Revere, in exchange for Vance Worley and Trevor May, absolutely cements my sentiments on Amaro.

Before I go HAM on Amaro, I think I should break down the trade that was made today. Revere, who for all intents and purposes is a Juan Pierre clone, is nothing more than a fringe starter. Most (if not all) of his value is his defensive prowess and baserunning abilities. Revere can definitely cover a lot of ground in centerfield, seeing as his UZR was 16.4 in 2012. With that said, though UZR is flawed, which makes good defenders worth a whole lot more than they are actually worth. A player who has a .675 OPS isn’t worth three and half wins.

In regards to the Twins, they are in desperate need for some arms, which they get in Worley and May. Worley, 25, may not be a prospect per say, but he has shown he can pitch at the big league level. Worley is your prototypical mid-rotation starter, who might benefit moving to the spacious Target Field. As far as May is concerned, I’ll just quote John Sickels, who knows a lot more than I do regarding prospects:

 May is an intimidating 6-5, 215 pound right-hander, born September 23, 1989. Drafted in the fourth round in 2008 from high school in Kelso, Washington, May has a 90-95 MPH fastball, a curveball, a slider, and a changeup. All three secondary pitches flash above average, but he has problems with mechanical consistency and overall command. Although his size and velocity would look nice coming out of the bullpen, he’s very durable, has a body that absorbs innings, and shows enough with his secondary pitches that scouts want to give him every chance in the rotation. It all comes down to command: if he shows it, he can be a number two or strong number three starter.

With that out of the way, let me rant about Ruben Amaro a little bit. I should state I an not a Phillies fan, so I have no dog in this fight. If you are Phillies fan and like Amaro, that’s fine by me; however, the guy flat out stinks.

The defenses for Amaro are the following: he won a World Series, he re-signed Cole Hamels, and he traded for Roy Halladay. But nothing makes up for the Ryan Howard contract. Amaro simply doesn’t understand the market – – free agency or otherwise. He could have gotten a player similar to Revere for a whole lot less, yet Amaro dumps a starting pitching from their rotation and one of their better prospects? Well done, Ruben.

Seriously, though, the Howard deal is enough to put him in the bottom ten GMs in the league. No one can convince me that’s a good deal – – absolutely no one.

Winning does not equate a job well done. Amaro is living proof of that.

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