Ryan Dempster Only Wants To Pitch In The National League

By Evan Crum
Tim Heitman-US Presswire

I think that Ryan Dempster only wants to pitch in the National League. Dempster turned down a two-year $25 million offer from the Boston Red Sox. Dempster also turned down a similar offer from the Kansas City Royals. Dempster is looking for more money and a three year contract.

I don’t blame Dempster for wanting to go back to the National League. That is where he has thrived – when Dempster was playing for the Chicago Cubs in 2012, he was 5-5 with a sparkling 2.25 ERA in 104 innings. Dempster was then traded to the Texas Rangers.

Dempster didn’t fare to well in the American League. Even though he was 7-3, his ERA was 5.09 in 69 innings. Dempster got lit up with the Rangers.

I’m surprised that the Red Sox and Royals even offered him a contract to play. I don’t know why any team in the American League would want Dempster. Judging by his numbers with the Rangers, he should stay in the National League. Dempster is going to face tougher hitters in the American League and in smaller ball parks – why would any American League team want him?

With Dempster saying no to the Royals and the Red Sox, there are only two other teams that seem to be interested in Dempster – the Cubs and the Milwaukee Brewers. However, neither of those teams want to offer Dempster a three-year contract.

If I was Dempster, I would take any offer now. I don’t think he is going to get a better offer then what the Red Sox and Royals offered him.

Oh, and stop asking for three years.

What do you think? Should Dempster stay with a three year deal? Let me know what you think, follow me on twitter @EvanCrum1319

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