Kansas City Royals Acquire James Shields and Wade Davis from the Tampa Bay Rays

By Bryan Lutz
Kim Klement – USA TODAY Sports

Twitterverse is buzzing about a potential trade between the Kansas City Royals and Tampa Bays Rays. According to several rumors that have been reported, the Rays have traded James Shields and Wade Davis to the Royals in exchange for something that hasn’t been made public yet. One has to assume the Royals’ top prospect, Wil Myers, is involved in the deal at the very least.

Depending on what the Royals gave up, this could be a trade that helps both sides. It’s been pretty obvious that the Royals have been looking for a major pitching upgrade, and this trade accomplishes just that. Even though Davis was used as a reliever last season, he can and will start for the Royals.

Assuming the Rays will receive Myers – plus a few more pieces – this will greatly help the Rays’  farm system. Of all the teams that could afford to trade pitching, it’s the Tampa Bay Rays. In all honesty, they might only lose a couple of wins from this deal, and they will get an absolute stud in Myers.

We all have to remember we are dealing with Dayton Moore, who is the GM of the Royals, and Andrew Friedman, who is the GM of the Rays. One of these guys is pretty terrible, while the other is the best GM in baseball. It’s scary to think of the possible return Friedman reels in. Knowing Moore, it might include Billy Butler or something.

I’m sure something will be made public soon, but as of right now, no one really knows.

UPDATE: Dayton Moore is the worst GM in the history of the world. The Rays acquired Jake Odorizzi and Mike Montgomery, along with Wil Myers. So, Friedman has ripped three of the top four prospects out of Kansas City’s hands for a no. 2 starter.


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