Los Angeles Dodgers Overpaid For Zack Greinke

By Andy Schmidt
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The free agent market in Major League Baseball had slowed to a crawl in recent days with Zack Greinke figuring out where he wanted to play in 2013. Greinke finally made up his mind on Saturday night, agreeing to a six-year contract worth $147 million with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Greinke’s average salary will be the highest for a right-handed pitcher in MLB history.

There is no doubt though that the Dodgers overpaid to get Greinke and are working their way towards trying to buy a World Series title. The Dodgers will have ten players on their roster in 2013 making over $10 million. This team is going to be the best team money can pay for and if the New York Yankees were still in their spending ways, the chance for a series with salaries around a half-billion dollars was possible. I’m curious to see how this mash-up of salaries will play out at Dodger Stadium but Greinke isn’t worth over $24 million a season and never has been.

If a team is going to pay that much money for a starting pitcher, he had better be the most dominating pitcher in the entire league. The pitcher needs to be someone like Randy Johnson, Greg Maddux or Roger Clemens in their primes. Greinke isn’t even in the same conversation of those three. It is silly how money is thrown about in the game now. We will all have to wait and see who will become the first $200 million pitcher. That day is coming sooner than later.

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