Tampa Bay Rays Trade James Shields To Kansas City Royals

By Riley Schmitt
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Royals have been looking for pitching and they have just found some good ones. The team has acquired Wade Davis and James Shields from the Tampa Bay Rays. Of course, they are parting with super prospect Wil Myers and other prospects in that deal.

The Royals have long needed some good pitching and this will certainly help.  In fact, this might be enough to put them in contention for a wild card spot next season.  However, they may have played right into Tampa’s hands with this trade.

While Shields and Davis will help, the price they are paying is major.  A guy like Myers could easily be the next big thing in baseball.  It is hard to part with something like that for two pitchers who are not going to dominate.  While Shields is a great pitcher in big games, he has started to show some cracks.  Time will be the true indicator of who ends up winning this deal.

As for 2013, you have to like what the Royals are doing.  They have needed pitching and they went out and got it.  They have a good chance of being a competitive team next year and their offense is stacked.  If Davis and Shields have good years, no one will want to play this team.

However, I am giving this deal to the Rays.  Getting a potential superstar in Myers is simply too hard to go against.

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