MLB Rumors: Pirates Talking to Dodgers About Chris Capuano

By Danny Shirey
Chris Humphreys – US PRESSWIRE

In a quiet offseason in which the Pittsburgh Pirates have only made one splash in the free agency pool, Buster Olney is now reporting that with the Los Angeles Dodgers‘ signing of Zack Greinke, interest in veteran lefty Chris Capuano is rising. He also reports that the Pirates have talked to the Dodgers about a possible deal.

The Dodgers now have a loaded rotation, as well as a loaded team, so hopefully Capuano’s asking price won’t be too high. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Pirates ship Jose Tabata and his ridiculously pricy contract to LA. I have lost all hope in the player that once was the next-coming.

In 3 seasons, Tabata has hit .271, which isn’t great, but it can be dealt with. The problem? When you add a .271 batting average with 11, count ’em, 11 homeruns over those three seasons, you have no business being on a big league roster. Tabata is lazy, and doesn’t seem to care about winning. The only upside the 5-11 Venezuelan has is that he has a canon of an arm from right field.

Getting back on track about Capuano, some concerns do come with bringing him aboard. Although he had his career year last season, it’s troubling to think that he can put up similar numbers at an age of 34 that he did last season. His 12-12 record and 3.72 ERA would be great to have in the 4th spot of the Bucs’ rotation, but the question remains will he produce at the level he did last season? Capuano flirted with a no-hitter against the Miami Marlins in the dog-days of Summer during the 2012 campaign, and can throw some junk when he’s on.

Capuano is the not the extra nudge the Pirates need to push them to the playoffs in 2013, but he could be a key factor when the Pirates need a reliable starter.

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