Are The New York Mets Serious With the R.A. Dickey Offer?

By Evan Crum
Anthony Gruppuso-US Presswire

The New York Mets just offered R.A. Dickey a three-year contract for $25 million. I would have expected the Mets to offer Dickey a little more but then again, it’s the Mets.

While I would gladly take $25 million for anything that I do, let’s compare what Dickey was offered to other pitchers who have been signed and let’s look at a pitcher on the Mets staff currently. First off, Johan Santana in 2013 will be making $500,000 more than Dickey. I am undecided if this is fair or not. Santana already has two Cy Young awards and if not for injuries he is still very good.

So let’s take a look at other pitchers who have signed contracts this year and how Dickey compares. Jake Peavy was one of the first pitchers signed. The Chicago White Sox signed Peavy for a two year extension at $29 million. Zack Greinke just signed a six-year deal worth $147 million with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Now obviously the Mets aren’t going to offer Dickey that much money or that many years on a contract. Heck there are many teams that wouldn’t offer that anyway.

Then Jeremy Guthrie signs with the Kansas City Royals for three years and $25 million. Excuse me but I think that Dickey is much better than Guthrie. Even if you take away what both did for their teams in 2012 look at the career numbers. Guthrie is 55-77 and has an ERA of 4.28. Dickey is 61-56 and has an ERA of 3.98.

So according to the Meta ownership, Dickey is the same as Guthrie. Sorry but that is just wrong. Dickey is worth a lot more. The ownership put themselves in a corner when they sign David Wright to that huge contract. Now they have no room to play with and offer decent money to Dickey. I now know why Mets fans are always angry at their ownership. It is because of moves like that and like the offer they made Dickey.

If Dickey doesn’t sign the extension and becomes a free agent in 2014 the Mets have no one to blame but themselves.

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