Cleveland Indians Score Big With Three Team Trade

By David Miller
Shin-Soo Choo Cleveland Indians
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

It’s a shame that agents have to be the driving force behind baseball contracts. Knowing this and knowing how to best handle the situations the agents create can be the secret to a great off-season move however. That is the case for the Cleveland Indians in the huge three team trade. Scott Boras would never let his wonderful outfielder Shin-Soo Choo resign with a club he has spent seven years with. Choo didn’t even have a great year and yet he is just too valuable to settle for the Indians. Really?

Cleveland comes away with Drew Stubbs and pitcher Trevor Bauer along with a few other players. Basically Stubbs could improve his average and almost give the Indians what Choo did for them last year. In addition to him they got Bauer who surely has a decent upside and two relievers. Sure they had to deal a few other players in the process but they came away looking pretty darn good while Choo goes to the Cincinnati Reds where he is only keeping a spot warm for top prospect Billy Hamilton. I wouldn’t be surprised if Choo winds up in a platoon in September if Hamilton delivers on his potential.

Way to make your man feel valuable Boras. Where he could have had increased value because he might have a little loyalty, he now looks like he would rather be a stop-gap than settle for a little less money. He will not even be that valuable to the Reds after the 2013 season meaning he will be hopping towns again on the free agent market next off-season. I’m sure agents are wonderful people. Choo got the screws put to him by his however. All the while the Indians took Boras’ lemons and made some fairly nice tasting lemonade out of it.

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