Kevin Youkilis Signs One Year Deal With New York Yankees

By Riley Schmitt
Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

After years of combating the New York Yankees, Kevin Youkilis will be a member of them this coming season. The free agent has agreed to a deal with the team, which should draw the ire of many Boston Red Sox fans across the country.

Not many people are shocked by this move, because the team desperately needed a third baseman.  No one knows when Alex Rodriguez will return to the field and who knows what kind of production he could bring?  Youkilis was pretty much the best option available but that does not mean that this signing is perfect.

Youkilis struggled mightily on the road last year and it was because he played his home games in two very friendly parks.  If you have Youk struggling to put the ball in play on the road, you have a guy that is only useful for a half of a season.  Factor in his age and the fact he seems to get injured at an accelerated rate, there are a ton of red flags around this situation.

Then again, the team simply needs a man to hold down the fort.  The offense is good enough and any production from Youk could be considered a bonus.  As long as he does not end up costing the team a bunch of games, there is really no downside to this deal.  It is only for a year, so if things go south, you simply do not bring the guy back.


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