The Holidays Are Not a Time of Joy For R.A. Dickey, Mets

By Craig Moir
Steve Mitchell-USA Today Sports

The holiday season should be filled with joy and happiness as we can forget our troubles and look to move forward into the new year with nothing but hope and aspirations for better times.  Such is not the case with the New York Mets and their CY Young Award-winning knuckleballer, R.A Dickey.

Today at the Mets annual holiday party, Dickey took to the media to remind Sandy Alderson and the Wilpons that he is serious about earning his due for 2014 and beyond.  While Dickey would love to make $15 million per year, he is willing to take a home-team discount to $26 million on a two-year extension.  The Mets originally insulted him with an $8 million per year offer, and have now upped that to $20 million for two years.

This is the type of negotiation that is going to turn sour really quick as Dickey reminded them today that he has been more than fair on his end, but he will not take less than what he is worth.  For this to turn to the media, the sides must be growing tired of one another, and it is looking as if Dickey will now begin the season with the Mets and then be traded by the deadline in hopes to bring viable players in return.

Dickey has made it clear that he will not negotiate mid-season, and although he admits that the Mets counter offer is progress, the two sides do not look as if they will come to terms anytime soon.  Dickey still remains to be the Mets best option for returning players that will help the club now, but there would be no harm in allowing him to start the season with the team, then catch someone in the middle of a pennant race willing to part with MLB ready prospects.

This is beginning to feel as if the Grinch is going to steal the Mets Christmas if a deal can not get done, or a trade does not happen.  One thing the Mets can be sure of is that once Dickey puts his mind to something, he will accomplish it.  If you do not believe that, then just look back at his history of swimming the Mississippi and climbing Kilimanjaro.  The Mets just do not know who they are dealing with.

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