How Does The Shin-Soo Choo Trade Effect The Chicago White Sox?

By Evan Crum
David Richard-US Presswire

Things just got a lot more interesting in the AL Central. How does the huge trade that the Cleveland Indians had affect the Chicago White Sox?

For those that didn’t know the Indians traded Shin-Soo Choo, Jason Donald and $3.5 million to the Cincinnati Reds. The Indians also traded Tony Sipp and Lars Anderson to the Arizona Diamondbacks. In return the Indians received Drew Stubbs from the Reds and pitching prospect Trevor Bauer the number three selection in the 2011 draft from the Diamondbacks. The Indians also received Matt Albers and Bryan Shaw from the Diamondbacks.

First of all, the Indians won this trade. Bauer is one of the best pitching prospects in the MLB. For those that want to know more about Bauer I suggest checking out my fellow writer David A. Cattai’s slideshow on the top 10 prospects for the Diamondbacks which you can find here. The Indians now also have Stubbs who has a lot of potential.  Also adding two extra arms in the bullpen helps as well.

In the short term this trade could help the White Sox. I don’t expect Bauer to be with the Indians right away so the White Sox have time. Stubbs is only a career .241 hitter and in 2012 hit .213. Compare that with Choo who is a career .289 hitter and in 2012 hit .283. The White Sox can take advantage of this by beating the Indians in 2013.

I also believe that the Indians won’t be a huge factor in the AL Central in 2013 even after this trade. So in the short term, the White Sox have nothing to worry about.

In the long term, this trade might hurt the White Sox. Even though I talked about how good the White Sox prospects are which you can find here, the Indians having Bauer on their roster can help them win the division in the future. It is also possible that all Stubbs needed was a change of scenery to produce and he is still young at 28.

The one thing I don’t want Rick Hahn to do is to think he has to make a trade and trade his top prospects after seeing other trades in the AL Central.  The Kansas City Royals traded their top prospect to the Tampa Bay Rays for James Shields and now the Indians made a trade. Hahn has to not think he is in a corner and has to make a trade to make the White Sox look like they are doing something.

If I were in charge of the White Sox, I would just sit back and wait. Don’t force anything, and don’t do anything stupid.

How do you think this trade affects the White Sox? Leave a comment and let me know on Twitter @EvanCrum1319

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