Atlanta Braves Should Not Rely Completely on Farm System

By David Miller
Juan Francisco Atlanta Braves
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I am as proud as the next fan that the Atlanta Braves have always had such a strong farm system where players funnel through to the major leagues. Not only is it a great source for talent on the field in Atlanta but also great meat for big trades. Still, it’s possible the Braves are willing to rely more on that system this year than they should.

The infamous empty slot at the top of the batting order is officially still there for the Braves. Frank Wren and company are all over the winter leagues looking at their young talent and assessing how far along they are. Things are going okay and that’s great. What isn’t great is relying completely on the young guys for the upcoming year. None of them are fully ready and nobody likes a half successful, half bust platoon system.

Here is what they should do. They should trade for some big name player or mid-size name player. Although I hate the idea of signing someone to be a stop-gap for a young guy, that is what they need. The old guy might even spur the youngster along to perform better to gain his future spot sooner. Just handing the young men the glove and bat and saying, “Go get ‘em kid,” isn’t exactly the best option for winning games for the upcoming year.

Like I said, I like the young farmed talent as much as the next guy and I am excited to see what they can do. I’m just not excited for the all important lead-off position and the third spot in the outfield to rely completely on them. And really who wants to see the “starting” left fielder or third baseman get pulled in the eighth inning every night for defensive reasons? We’ve all seen it. Braves, go get some real established talent. It’s the fastest way for the young talent to actually succeed.

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