Chicago Cubs Make Bold Move In Signing Anibal Sanchez

By Riley Schmitt

It has been a slow off-season for Chicago Cubs fans but things have just picked. The team has bolstered their starting rotation by inking free agent pitcher Anibal Sanchez to a five year deal with 75 million dollars.

I really can’t express how great of a deal this is.  Sanchez has very good numbers and getting him at 15 million a year is a very good deal.  I mean, James Shields and Zack Greinke have similar numbers and they cost a heck of a lot more than Sanchez.  Although he may not be a true number one, he is a very good starter.

This move may not have a ton of impact this season but you have to look towards the future in a move like this.  Sanchez will make the rotation a strength which is going to be needed in the coming years.  The team has wanted to bolster the staff and this move is going to get that done.

Trust me, I do not think many people saw this happening.  I did not even know the Cubs were interested in bringing in a guy like Sanchez.  A bold move from the front office and it should get a lot of people talking.  The rest of the off-season was filled with stopgap signings but this is a move that will make an impact.

Great job by the Cubs on this.  Have to give props to the team for surprising everyone.

UPDATE:  It appears that Sanchez is giving the Detroit Tigers the chance to match.  Stay tuned.

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