Chicago White Sox Fans Can't Panic After Josh Hamilton Signing

By Evan Crum
Jim Cowsert-US Presswire

The Chicago White Sox and General Manager Rick Hahn can’t hit the panic button. After Josh Hamilton signed with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim I’m sure plenty of White Sox fans want Hahn to do something. Hahn better not do anything drastic and he has to remain calm.

First, the White Sox are already one of the teams linked to possibly signing free agent Mike Adams. I talked about the White Sox being interested in Adams on December 3rd which you can find here. According to Jayson Stark the White Sox are one of the teams that Adams is seriously interested in. Adams is one of the best set up men on the market and it would bolster the bullpen.

What I don’t want to see happen is for Hahn to look to make a huge splash. Such as making a big trade or signing another big name free agent. I know it is tempting for Hahn to do something and I know for White Sox fans it seems like the team hasn’t done anything.  Hahn has done some things though.

The White Sox did sign Jeff Keppinger which was a good signing. The White Sox haven’t traded any of their prospects which Kenny Williams was known to do. The White Sox are still in the mix for Adams, and are still rumored to be looking at other pitchers. Also, sources say that A.J. Pierzynski is considering playing for the White Sox again.

A sign of a good GM is to stay calm. That is exactly what Hahn is doing and exactly what I want to see. I don’t want to see a GM tempted to do something just because they feel they have to.

To sum it up, for White Sox fans wanting Hahn to do more I have two words for you. Don’t panic.

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