Los Angeles Angels Will Regret Deal with Josh Hamilton

By Bryan Lutz
Jim Cowsert – USA TODAY Sports

There are a lot of things in life that sound really, really awesome in the short-term. But when you think about the long-term ramifications it could bring, you start to get a little depressed about it. That is how the Los Angeles Angels will feel about Josh Hamilton.

In the short-term, yes, the Angels have a very dirty lineup. The fact that Albert Pujols might be their third best hitter is pretty scary. This move certainly makes the Angels a clear favorite in the American League West, if not all all of baseball. 2013 will be pretty sweet if you are an Angels fan, but that might be the only sweet year.

To put it simply: Josh Hamilton is not worth a 5-year, $125 million contract. I know I am the only person on earth who doesn’t think Hamilton is a top-ten player, so I can already hear you calling me an idiot from here. I get it. It’s cool. Fact of the matter is: Josh Hamilton is 32 years old, is an injury liability, an off-the-field liability, has a horrible approach at the plate, and he literally disappeared for two months in 2012. That, my friends, is not someone you should invest $25 million a year in. Using an analogy, I feel Hamilton is that star athlete in high school who strictly gets by on his athletic ability.

Do you think Philadelphia’s fans and ownership are excited about having Ryan Howard for five years at $25 million a pop? And just like Hamilton, Howard was 32 when he signed his extension. Outside of his MVP year in 2010, Hamilton has never been worth $20 million, according to FanGraphs.

Do the Angels honestly expect him to improve as a 32-year old? Josh Hamilton is what he is – – an uber-talented liability. Once that talent diminishes, then what?

The amount of sunk cost the Angels will have to pay Pujols and Hamilton will be otherworldly. And if they can’t re-sign Mike Trout because of it – – well, they deserve it for being so reckless.

Enjoy it while you can, Angels fans.

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