MLB Rumors: Toronto Blue Jays' DH Adam Lind Drawing Trade Interest

By Thom Tsang
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Oh hey, Houston Astros.

What’s that? You’re coming to the AL next season, and want a cheap DH on your roster?…and you have interest in Adam Lind as an option?

Why yes, I suppose the Toronto Blue Jays are probably willing to talk about potentially parting with Lind. The price won’t come cheap, though; after all, you’re talking about a former All-Star and Silver Slugger here. Yes, I think the negotiations can start at Bud Norris or Jonathan Singleton

On a more serious note, that there’s even a slight chance that another team might be somewhat interested in Lind sounds like an early Christmas gift to me. Yeah, I know that us fans have gotten pretty comfortable with idea of the Blue Jays using the Lind as part of a platoon (.836 OPS vs RHP, .607 vs LHP over career), but that was under the assumption that the 29-year old would yield exactly no value out in the trade market, right?

Besides, with management seemingly suggesting that they’re willing to ignore those numbers and throw the platoon idea out the window (at least to start the 2013 season), it makes sense to shop Lind to a team like the Astros before fans have to witness a potential fourth year of the shit show that the DH/1B has put up at the plate. There was a time where this would have sounded crazy, but I’m willing to accept the idea that David Cooper at DH might just yield replacement value to a Lind/Rajai Davis platoon – and Cooper isn’t costing the Blue Jays $5 million in 2013 either.

Really, how much worse can the team get? Lind has put up a dismal .246/.296/.428 triple-slash over the past three seasons, good for exactly -0.2 WAR during that time (second worst among 35 qualifying 1B – and dead worst at DH). Publicly criticizing the team over leadership issues probably isn’t doing him any favors with management either.

Okay, so I guess what I’m trying to say is that Lind might not have have hit “bucket of balls” value yet, because there’s still a very faint glimmer of hope that he could be semi-productive at some point…but his value sure isn’t trending in the right direction. I’m a believer that a player isn’t “done” before 30, and Aaron Hill is a good reminder of what a change of scenery can do for a player – even if the numbers tell a different story between the two guys we’re talking about.

Still, the Astros are apparently looking for a cheap option in a player who is buried – and Lind is just about as buried as can be. Could Alex Anthopoulos work his magic and extract something useful for the Blue Jays out of this reported interest? Perhaps a prospect like Delino Deshields Jr., or a pitcher like Jordan Lyles?

It’s doubtful, but it’s not without precedent in these parts of the baseball world. Couldn’t hurt to ask, yes?

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