Texas Rangers: Franchise Should Make Push For Giancarlo Stanton

By Ryan Gaydos
Steve Mitchell- USA Today Sports

Although the Miami Marlins have stated numerous times that the organization is not going to trade franchise outfielder Giancarlo Stanton, the Texas Rangers should make a major push for him being that they lost Josh Hamilton to the Los Angeles Angels and Zack Greinke to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

You can make a case that the Rangers should turn their attention to the Arizona Diamondbacks for Justin Upton, but Stanton’s potential has increased within the first three years with the Marlins. Miami also has been wheeling and dealing this entire offseason so another crazy trade would not shock any fan around baseball. The Rangers’ prospects are worth it.

Jurickson Profar, although did not have a great stint with the Rangers in September, has a huge upside and could be the Marlins starting shortstop with the team’s ability to move Adeinny Hechavarria around the infield. The organization could also swing some pitching in a possible deal, which will desperately help out their rotation.

Stanton is the man in Miami and the lone Marlin left. Not only is he frustrated with the direction of the ball club, his teammate Ricky Nolasco has already asked to be traded. A package deal with Stanton and Nolasco would definitely trump any offer the Diamondbacks could piece together and it would allow the Marlins to acquire more important pieces from the Rangers.

There is probably a two percent chance that this could ever happen, but the Rangers need to do something. This offseason has shown that the team has regressed a bit and lost out on Hamilton and Greinke. The Rangers have a chance to right that wrong.

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