Anibal Sanchez Makes Cubs Look Terrible

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

I am waiting for the moronic Chicago Cubs apologists to make excuses for the latest fiasco on the watch of Theo Epstein and company. It looked as if the Cubs had reached a deal with Detroit Tigers hurler Anibal Sanchez; but the Tigers swooped in and outbid the Cubs at the last moment. It is another example of the incompetence being displayed at Clark and Addison.

It is one thing to make a push for a free agent and have the player say no, but it is another to make a push for a guy and lose that player over money. The Cubs offer of five years at 75 million was eclipsed by the Tigers five years at 80 million. If the Cubs really believed Sanchez was an answer, it is inexcusable they were outbid for his services. It is possible that Sanchez used the Cubs to push the Tigers, and if that is the case, the Cubs should never have made this offer public.

For those ignoramuses that will say I’m being too harsh, this is the second time the Cubs leaked a deal only to look like complete idiots. Last month, the Cubs supposedly worked out a deal with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim for Dan Haren that would send Carlos Marmol west. However, the deal fell apart at the last moment and Haren signed with the Washington Nationals. Again, if he is a player you wanted, why not sign him?

We keep hearing about 2014 as the year of the Cubs. At this rate, there’s no way they will even be close to a contender by that time. Epstein is having the last laugh with his incompetence. It’s too bad many of us fans were fooled.

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