MLB Rumors: Toronto Blue Jays Closing In On R.A. Dickey?

By Thom Tsang
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Turns out there was some fire to the smoke, after all.

The Toronto Blue JaysR.A. Dickey rumors are back in full force today, with all of the familiar players from the major press outlets following the trail of the knuckleballer, and reporting the details of his potential landing spot 140 characters at a time.

There are far too many tweets to go through here, but this is the generally agreed version of the story: the Blue Jays are the front-runners to acquire Dickey from the New York Mets, with the going price purported to be a package involving J.P. Arencibia and Anthony Gose.

So, it’s essentially the same rumor that surfaced over the GM meetings over a month ago, and the same rumor that Blue Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos doused the fire on not long after. A savvy distraction tactic to cut off a potential leak in the negotiation process? The re-emergence of the rumors certainly suggest that the team has been hot on Dickey’s tail all this time.

Except it may be much closer to being done this time. Several sources (mostly New York writers) have reported that the Mets have a deal they like for the 38-year old, with the only remaining hurdle being the potential extension negotiations between Dickey and the Blue Jays:

It’s just a speculation, of course, and one that Dickey’s manager has seemingly shot down:

If it is the case that Dickey is unwilling to agree to an extension – meaning that the Blue Jays are essentially trading for one year of his services – I’d have to imagine that it would bring the price of acquisition down, yes?

On another note, what if this attempt to get Dickey ends up blowing up to be much bigger than just the two-for-one being reported? We already know what happened when Anthopoulos inquired about the services of Josh Johnson

In any case, I’ll withhold further thoughts on the players involved if/until the trade actually happens. Sounds like it could be soon, though.

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