The Chicago Cubs Continue To Prove They’re a Joke In Failed Anibal Sanchez Signing

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

What a surprise, the Chicago Cubs signed Anibal Sanchez! The Cubs bolster their rotation and now give themselves a very solid rotation with Matt Garza, Anibal, Jeff Samardzija, Scott Baker, Scott Feldman, and Travis Wood! Everyone rejoice! Not long after news broke that the Cubs “signed” Sanchez, reports surfaced that it wasn’t a done deal and the Detroit Tigers were still in the running. Of course Sanchez ended up signing with the Tigers for 80 million instead of the reported 5 years 75 million the Cubs had “signed” him for. What a joke of a franchise.

Theo Epstein was brought in to fix, build, and turn this franchise around. So far, he’s been at the front of THREE botched signings/trades. What do I mean by botched? His staff leaking TWO completed trades before they were official, and now Sanchez. Dempster was traded to Atlanta….oops. Carlos Marmol was traded for Dan Haren….my bad….Anibal Sanchez signs with the Cubs….eek.

Are you kidding me Cubs? What kind of Mickey Mouse organization are you running over there? Here’s a thought, keep your mouths shut until the ink is dry. How many times is that going to happen? Once, okay…but THREE times? Wow.

Once again, the Cubs show that they’re a complete joke of an organization. The good news in all this? They were at least willing to spend some money. I guess Ricketts isn’t broke afterall. The bad news is? They’re still the Cubs.

It will be a very long year I’m sure, but hey- at least they’ll be good in 2018!

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  • Bob Y

    I wouldn’t feel too badly if I were a Cubs fan. A guy who goes 9-13 for a pennant-winning club and is a sub-500 pitcher careerwise isn’t worth $16 mil. per year. He should have given back some of the $8 mil he made last year.

  • mike

    So let me get this straight the FO is a joke because
    1) the Dempster thing was leaked out of Atlanta
    2) The Marmol thing was leaked by Marmol and the trade didn’t go through becuase of the medicals (granted i will give you they should have looked at the medicals before talking to Marmol)
    3) Anibal’s camp took advantage of the Cubs to get thier client more cash? Please you think this doesn’t happen all the time?

  • Tom Ekstrand

    What kind of blog are you? Have you no idea of what you are saying? Do you have ANY proof the Cubs leaked this info? (Hint….it was the Agent who leaked it. That is what they do. They make more money that way.) If they had beaten the offer that Sanchez settled for, THAT would have been the stupid thing. Do you know that your blog is the joke of all other blogs? Seriously, even Muskat and Yellon don’t get as much derision as you do. Clean it up and get serious or you will be laughed off the net. Have a happy!