Fans Wanting Atlanta Braves to Sign Big Name Will Have to Wait

By David Miller
Martin Prado Atlanta Braves
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The signing of B.J. Upton to fill the Atlanta Braves first outfield vacancy and the trade of Tommy Hansen was thought to be the beginning of the noise the team would make. As it turns out that was about all of the noise that was to come thus far. Many fans rightfully want a bigger name to fill the other outfield spot so that Martin Prado can settle in nicely at third base and have a great year. Meh, why would the Braves want to guarantee a good year when they can make fans stress about it all season?

Yes, we have seen this before. The Braves current and former GMs are notorious for filling needs from within even if it means not filling them very well. That worked well in the ‘90s but then it’s hard to ignore that the team had little offensive pop and was supported by the greatest starting three of our generation. Even a lackey bullpen just cost the team world series rings in the end. Year after year it was something, funny enough usually left field. Always somewhere was a spot that was a platoon. Sure it worked okay but are fans so wrong to hope for a three name outfield?

Of course they are! Why, you can’t expect the Braves to go out and spend actual money signing real big name talent. Sure it would help them win for a year or maybe two but then what? Go spend more money? Nah! As a fan of the Braves I secretly always adored the way the Yankees owner was willing to spend more money than anyone else no matter how much, just to put a winner on the field. Why can’t the Braves do that you ask?

The answer might actually be a good one. After all its hard to argue that the team is definitely a well run organization and business. Possibly there is more respect for the way the Braves do things mostly from within the farm system. Who knows? Honestly the truth of it all is that Wren and company probably want to reserve some funds to get a big move done during the year when the need arises around the trade deadline. And while the idea of having money to spend at that time sounds nice, some fans just wanted a whole year with nothing big to worry about. They, Braves front office has indicated, will just have to wait.

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