Philadelphia Phillies Get a Bargain in Signing John Lannan

By David A. Cattai
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Ruben Amaro Jr. strikes again and the Philadelphia Phillies are now beginning to come into the forefront with the free agent market dying down. Earlier this morning, the Phillies signed left-hander John Lannan to a one-year deal worth $2.5 million.

Many thought that Amaro was done for the day after signing reliever Mike Adams to a deal, but he pulled out another quality contract. The Phillies entered the offseason looking for a low-risk, high-reward type of pitcher to fill out their rotation. They sure got what they wanted and they got Lannan at a bargain.

With pitchers such as Joe Blanton and Kevin Correia getting contracts that are worth more than their value, Lannan is basically a steal for the Phillies.

One might remember, just like Phillies fans do, Lannan’s major league debut with the Washington Nationals in 2007. Lannan broke Chase Utley’s hand with a fastball and was later ejected for throwing inside on Ryan Howard. This is why many fans were confused by the signing.

Another reason may be the fact that Lannan has performed very poorly against the Phillies in his career. In 19 career starts against the Phillies, Lannan is 3-13 with a 5.53 ERA. Sounds terrible doesn’t it? Surprisingly, Lannan is a .500 pitcher against everyone else. In fact, he is 39-39 with a 3.79 ERA against the rest of the MLB.

Signing Lannan may be one of the most underrated moves of the 2012 offseason. If Amaro already believes in his rotation, which it looks like he does, then adding a lefty with some success can only make Amaro as well as the rest of Philadelphia believers.

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