AJ Pierzynski And Chicago White Sox Not Close To A Deal And That Is Ok

By Evan Crum
Gary A. Vasquez-US Presswire

I’m sorry Chicago White Sox fans, but as each day passes it looks like the White Sox are ready to play without A.J. Pierzynski. I know it will hurt, White Sox, fans but just prepare yourselves to see Pierzynski in another uniform. The White Sox are prepared to have Tyler Flowers start in 2013.

The last time that Pierzynski was a free agent, he took a discounted contract from the White Sox. He doesn’t plan on doing that this time around. He is still a hot commodity and there are teams that want his left handed bat. The New York Yankees have been going after Pierzynski and now the Texas Rangers are doing the same.

It isn’t like Rick Hahn hasn’t offered Pierzynski a contract. Reports have said that the White Sox have given Pierzynski an offer and have told him that is the best offer he will get from the organization.

I know that fans will miss Pierzynski if he signs with another team. The White Sox will miss Pierzynski and his left handed bat. The White Sox would miss the left handed power. In 2012 Pierzynski hit 27 home runs, a career high.

I don’t blame the White Sox if they can’t sign him. The White Sox want to see if Flowers can start and they believe he can. Flowers has said plenty of times that he believes he is ready to start. The White Sox also are close to 2012’s payroll which was $109 million. If Pierzynski is asking for too much money, then the White Sox can’t justify signing him.

As much as I love seeing Pierzynski in a White Sox uniform, it is all right if he goes somewhere else. Always remember that in business one has to try and set personal feelings aside. If the White Sox don’t re-sign Pierzynski, life will go on.

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