Chicago Cubs Look Foolish Yet Again

By Andy Schmidt
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Cubs have been a team that has spent the last 104 seasons ending each year without a World Series championship. There has been talk of a rebuilding project and it appeared that the rebuilding was moving at a much quicker pace when the club appeared to sign free agent Anibal Sanchez. There were reports everywhere that the deal was done and Sanchez was a Cub.

It sounded like a great signing until Sanchez decided to let the Detroit Tigers have a chance to match the offer which the Tigers did and added another $5 million on top of what the Cubs had offered. Sanchez is a good pitcher, just not worth $16 million a season and I’m sure he will pitch just as well as he did this past season in Detroit. The problem is with how leaks are happening with Cubs moves including the Carlos Marmol trade and now this Sanchez signing. I really hope that whoever is saying these things are a done deal would just wait until the deal is actually complete.

It is the world we live in though with everything in social media and proposed signing slipping out on social media before it actually happens. It is a trend that is disturbing for a media standpoint. Everyone wants to get the story out there first but a lot of inaccurate information comes along with it. It is time to go back to basics if you are the Cubs or any sporting organization and making sure your employees or highly-placed sources don’t say anything before it is actually done.

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