MLB Rumors: Los Angeles Angels Targeting Rick Porcello?

By Randy Holt
Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

With their signing of Anibal Sanchez, the Detroit Tigers have pretty much put Rick Porcello on the trade block, without officially putting him on the trade block.

And with a guy that has an upside like Porcello has, you know there is going to be plenty of interest in him. In fact, the headlining club of the last two offseasons may have interest in acquiring the 24-year-old Porcello: the Los Angeles Angels.

Having already acquired Joe Blanton and Tommy Hanson this winter, the Angels are looking for another arm to fill out the back end of their rotation. Porcello, who is looking for a change of scenery, could be a perfect candidate to do so. And the Angels have the pieces that the Tigers might be looking for to deal him.

The two big names that the Halos have on the trade block are Peter Bourjos and Mark Trumbo. Between the two, Bourjos is the player they’d prefer to deal, as Trumbo’s bat and versatility leave him a permanent place in this lineup. Unlike Bourjos who was already a trade candidate before the Angels signed Josh Hamilton.

Though Bourjos lacks the bat the play a corner outfield spot on an everyday basis, he still has a fantastic glove. It’s among the best in baseball. That’d give the Tigers, quite possibly, the best defensive outfield in baseball. But if it’s going to be Bourjos headed to Detroit in a potential trade, there would definitely have to be other pieces involved. Bourjos would then likely platoon with Andy Dirks in left.

Porcello’s overall numbers haven’t been impressive since a strong rookie campaign in 2009, but he’s posted solid peripherals nonetheless. The 2012 season saw Porcello post his best LOB% since his rookie year, as well as his best FIP (3.91) of his career. It’s numbers like that that have people pointing to his upside as a reason that he is so coveted on the trade market.

There’s no doubt that the two sides could come up with a deal that is beneficial for both. But with so many other teams interested in Porcello, it remains to be seen if the Angels would be able, or willing, to come up with a deal that the Tigers would like more than that of other teams. In any case, stay tuned as there is certainly a reason to be monitoring the Halos’ interest in Rick Porcello.

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