MLB Rumors: Where Will Jose Valverde Land?

By Andy Schmidt
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

The end of the 2012 season wasn’t one that Jose Valverde would like to remember. Valverde saw his season come to an abrupt end after several bad postseason performances. Valverde is still looking for a job now after Christmas approaches and spring training is still two months away.

Valverde is going to need a team that probably isn’t in serious contention if he wants to be a closer still or someone who will take him on as a late inning reliever. Valverde has the stuff to still be a top-notch closer but his confidence is shot after the end of the last season. I could see teams like the Kansas City Royals jumping in to give Valverde a job in maybe the seventh or eighth inning before passing the ball over to Greg Holland for the ninth. Could Valverde find his way to the Big Apple now that Rafael Soriano has decided to go into free agency?

That could be the most logical place since Valverde had his trouble in New York against the New York Yankees and he may be able to exercise his demons then in that place. It just sounds like there aren’t many places where Valverde can have a soft landing. There just isn’t a ton of options for a guy with a funky personality who acts very odd once he gets a save. Valverde should team up with fellow closer Brian Wilson and go to a team together. I can just see the antics going on with that combination together.

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