Should The New York Yankees Invite Troy Glaus To Spring Training?

By Hunter Farman
Dave Miller-USA TODAY Sports

It is being reported that a player who was once one of baseball’s most feared hitters is looking to make a comeback. This man is none other than Troy Glaus.

Glaus, as we may all remember, was one of the most prominent hitters of the 2000’s. He played 13 years in the MLB with a multitude of teams. In those 13 years, five of them featured him hitting more than 30 homeruns in a season – his most being 47 back in 2000.  The now 36 year old left baseball after the 2010 season due to his body being ravaged by injury. So after two years off, his body has had plenty of time to heal. While he most certainly would not put up the numbers he once did, it would be interesting to see if he could be a valuable asset to a team.

Before the New York Yankees signed Kevin Youkilis, Glaus approached the Bombers about a possible comeback. Even with Youkilis signed, I do not see the harm in at least bringing Glaus to Spring Training as a non-roster-invitee. There could only be good to come out of it. Should Glaus prove promising in Spring Training, the Yankees can hold onto him as a reserve player. If they don’t want him as a reserve, then signing him to a minor league contract would not hurt either.

Just like Youkilis, Glaus can play both third and first base. Having him would give the Yankees even more options if they decide to platoon their players.

There is absolutely no risk to at least taking a look at Troy Glaus. If the Yankees do not like what they see from him during Spring Training, they can easily let him go. If they do like what they see, then Glaus could possibly become a valuable asset to the Yankees. Who knows? There is always the distinct chance that taking two years off has bode well for Glaus – and he could come back to be the player he once was.

With this Yankees team, you can never have enough backup. Players get injured, and players struggle – having a player like Glaus can only help the Yankees.

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