Toronto Blue Jays Make One Trade Too Many

By Andy Schmidt
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Toronto Blue Jays made big waves this offseason with their huge trade with the Miami Marlins. The Blue Jays were back at it on Sunday with the team trading for National League Cy Young winner R.A. Dickey if the team can get him to sign an extension. There are people who think that this is a solid move for Toronto but I’m going to disagree. I really think Dickey will struggle pitching in the American League East in 2013.

Dickey had the benefit this past season to be pitching in a National League East division that had a bad Marlins team and a struggling Philadelphia Phillies lineup. Dickey now has to face a group of teams in his division that will make life very difficult on him. The 2012 season was a career year for Dickey with that baffling knuckleball that is hard to hit when you never see it. I just don’t see Dickey fooling hitters for another season with that pitch.

I’m happy for Dickey that he will get a nice contract extension if he decides to go to Toronto and the Blue Jays do have a lineup that will be powerful enough to support bad nights from Dickey but it just doesn’t seem like a great fit to me. I think Dickey would have been better off still in New York. It is a great story and one where there are many children learning to throw a knuckleball now but Toronto may have made one move too many here and this one may cost them dearly.

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