Should The Chicago White Sox Trade Alex Rios?

By Evan Crum
Jerry Lai-US Presswire

With all the trades that have been going on in the MLB, I started to ponder who on the Chicago White Sox is tradeable. Well the short answer is everyone, with the exception of Chris Sale who I believe is untouchable. With that, let’s take a look at Alex Rios, who some teams may take a look at.

Rios is a great trade candidate. He put up good numbers in 2012. He hit .304, drove in 91 runs, had 25 home runs and had an on base percentage of .334. These numbers were enough to place him as a 15th in AL MVP voting. With the White Sox, Rios hasn’t been consistent. In his first full year with the White Sox in 2010 he hit .284, and the following year in 2011 his batting average dropped to .227.

A team might be willing to take the risk on Rios. Depending on what a team is willing to offer for Rios, Rick Hahn might want to pull the trigger. If a prospective team is willing to trade a couple good prospects for Rios, Hahn would be inclined to take the trade. The White Sox do have players in their farm system that are ready to play. The White Sox also have Jordan Danks who could play if Rios was traded.

It would be a bold move for Hahn to trade Rios. Rios was the MVP for the White Sox in 2012 and there is a possibility for Rios to play just as well in 2013. I would only trade Rios if it was a perfect offer such as a package of great prospects. Other than that—if I was Hahn—I would roll the dice and keep Rios.

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