The Top 10 MLB Prospects for Each Team

By Michael Collins
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Now that the regular season has passed, we’ve crowned a new World Series champion, and the Winter Meetings have come and gone, every fan can start looking forward to “next year”. With those thoughts also come the hope of new emerging talent.

Our team of writers at Rant Sports has taken the time to put together a list of each MLB team’s top 10 prospects and what could be expected of them in the upcoming season.

Find your favorite team (and their rival) and see what’s going on down on the farm, and where they might have some hidden gems, or look through featured writer Bryan Lutz’s list of the Top 100 Prospects in MLB.

Arizona Diamondbacks – David Cattai

Atlanta Braves – David Miller

Baltimore Orioles – David Miller

Boston Red Sox – Chris Gamble

Chicago Cubs – Gil Gerard

Chicago White Sox – Evan Crum

Cincinnati Reds – Dan Parzych

Cleveland Indians – Brian Palmer

Colorado Rockies – Joe Morrone

Detroit Tigers – Chris Katje

Houston Astros – Jeff Shull

Kansas City Royals – Bandon Decker

Los Angeles Angels – Andy Schmidt

Los Angeles Dodgers – Jonathan Carroll

Miami Marlins – Ryan Gaydos

Milwaukee Brewers – Michael Terrill

Minnesota Twins – Brad Berreman

New York Mets – Craig Moir

New York Yankees – Nik Swartz

Oakland A’s – David Cattai

Philadelphia Phillies – Dan Parzych

Pittsburgh Pirates – Michael Collins

San Diego Padres – Jason Evans

San Francisco Giants – Chris Gamble

Seattle Mariners – Tyler Brett

St. Louis Cardinals – Devin O’Barr

Tampa Bay Rays – Nik Swartz

Texas Rangers – Jeric Griffin

Toronto Blue Jays – Thom Tsang

Washington Nationals – Tm Holland


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